About Vapro Lubricant

Vapro Lubricant is a world recognised company in lubricant and chemical products. The company started in the year 2000. It is present in 16 countries and 5 commercial offices based in Singapore, Cambodia, China, India and Bangladesh. Vapro Lubricant’s success is based on its state of art research and investment based growth. It exploits new promising market segment with its unique products and innovation. Vapro Lubricant laboratories have
come up with novel innovations such as:-

Vapro Super Sinergia (Ester based Lubricant)
Vapro Sinergia FSL (Fully Synthetic Lubricant)
Vapro Sinergia (Synthesis Blend Lubricant)
Vapro Avancer SSL (Semi Synthetic Lubricant)
Vapro Transhift ( Automatic Transmission Fluids)
Vapro Motohypoid ( Axle gear oil)
Vapro Superace (Ester based Motorbike Lubricant)
Vapro Superider (Fully Synthetic Lubricant)
Vapro Superbike (Semi synthetic Lubricant)
Vapro Supermoto (Premium grade Lubricant)

Vapro Lubricant’s mission is to help automotive industries, commercial vehicles industries, motorbike industries, Transmission industries, Marine industries and industrial around the globe to realize the importance of suitable lubricants to be used for their equipment’s. This gives the company its value and meaning as a leader in the lubricant industry.


Our Mission

We strive to be a world class company in core business, empower our staff to excel, ensure best customers satisfaction, maintain high standards of corporate governance and fulfil our role as a responsible corporate citizen.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a professionally managed company, committed to total customer satisfaction. Strive to constantly create value to the service we provide by bringing in professional touch to the service we offer, In short “To be a globally recognized company that provides one stop centre for lubricant solutions.

Our Merits

  • Excellence through teamwork
  • Dynamic usage of resources
  • Win-win position between our customers and ourself
  • Investment plan for future
  • Training plan for future
  • Training our people to be the best
  • Committing ourself for forward thinking and implementation

our client

Shinaji Lubricant
Synergizer Lubricant