High performance HFC-type fire-resistant hydraulic fluid Vapro HYDRO AQUA FR 46 is an
advanced water-glycol fire resistant hydraulic fluid containing powerful additives to enhance its
anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation properties.

ApplicationPerformance Features and Benefits

Lubrication and component life.

  • In general, water-glycol fluids are less effective bearing lubricants than petroleum
    mineral hydraulic oils, but are entirely satisfactory in systems containing pumps with
    plain bearings or lightly loaded ball and roller bearings designed to operate with water
    glycol fluids. However, in common with other water- based fluids a reduction in bearing
    life can be expected. This will normally be included in the ‘derating’ made by the pump
  • In order to increase the reliability of the system and reduce its maintenance costs it is
    important that all components are checked with their manufacturer to ascertain whether
    they are suitable/compatible with water glycol products.
  • VAPRO HYDRO AQUA FR 46 is particularly suitable for demanding hydraulic applications
    where there is a high fire risk, such as those found in the Metal and Mining industries. In
    order to reduce water evaporation, VAPRO HYDRO AQUA FR 46 (as for all ISO HFC type
    fluids), should not be used above 65 °C. The recommended maximum operating
    temperature is 50 °C. To maintain fire-resistance it is important to monitor the water
    content of the fluid and replenish if necessary when operating at elevated bulk fluid

Fire resistant for high risk installations.

  • Proven Fire resistant hydraulic Fluid in reducing the fire risk both in presence of flames
    and hot surfaces.
  • This guarantees reliable operation, excellent components and fluid duration.
  • Improved wear performances against minimum industry standard.
  • Better anti wear performances than the minimum required by the standard.
  • The life of VAPRO HYDRO AQUA FR 46 is comparable to mineral oils in properly
    maintained systems. The exact life has to be determined by Fluid Condition Monitoring.
  • Control of Water content should be controlled within 35% to 45% by weight. Condensate
    or de-ionized water should be used for any additions, which should be made slowly
    whilst the fluid is circulating. Even better is to top up an amount of fresh fluid to bring
    the water content back within the limit.