VAPRO HMMF Transmission Fluid has these optimized metal to metal friction characteristics designed to maximize the performance of the torque converter. It also has excellent anti-shudder, anti-scuffing and
shear stability performance which help maintain the viscosity characteristics of the lubricant.
VAPRO HMMF Transmission Fluid also has excellent anti-foaming characteristics allowing better power transmission with less lubricant oxidation and component wear resulting in a prolonged fluid life,
generally of 30,000 km.

The performance of VAPRO HMMF Transmission Fluid has been successfully demonstrated in varying types of CVTs with road tests in numerous vehicles including Jeep Patriot, Subaru Outback, Ford
Freestyle (full-sized crossover SUV), and Honda Civic Hybrid.

ApplicationPerformance Features and BenefitsSpecification & Approvals

VAPRO HMMF TRANSMISSION FLUIDS is an essential component of the Continuously Variable Transmission. Thanks to their outstanding power transmission ratios and fuel economy capability, many manufacturers, especially in Asia, intend to equip their new vehicles with this kind of transmission.
This lubricant is a high performance, continuously variable transmission fluid designed to meet the service fill use in many Asian, North American and European designed vehicles. This Multi-vehicle fluid has
been developed to be used in all belt and chain CVTs.

Thanks to this new Multi-vehicle fluid, it provides smoother, consistent all-weather step-less shifting, and all-around lubrication protection of the transmission components to help extend transmission service life
and provide a smooth driving experience. Highly recommended for a refill of pulley-based continuously variable transmissions in Japanese and Korean designed vehicles where its emphasis on Anti Shudder
Durability performance.

Outstanding metal – to – metal friction performances: VAPRO HMMF Transmission Fluid provides high static and dynamic metal friction performances and has demonstrated very stable friction performances during endurance tests. These outstanding performances provide intended fuel economy benefits and increased
the durability of both, the fluid and the gearbox.
Improved anti-shudder durability:
Endurance test has shown that VAPRO HMMF Transmission Fluid
performs excellent wet clutch performance with less noise, vibration
and hardness. That’s why VAPRO HMMF Transmission Fluid suits for
CVT equipped with either a torque converter clutch or a wet start
Superior wear protection on both push-belt and pulleys elements and
very good scuffing resistance on gears.
Excellent low-temperature properties provide easier start-ups and
improved lubrication at low ambient temperatures.
Very good thermal and oxidation stability for long and consistent
temperature performance.
Effective foam control properties provide consistent shifting
performance and reduce fluid losses in severe service.
Excellent parts material compatibility

  • Audi CVT (TL 52180, G052,180 A2)
  • BMW CVT (83 22 0 136,376, 83 22 0 429154)
  • Chrysler CVTF+4
  • Daihatsu CVT Fluid TC
  • Dodge / Jeep CVT (NS-2 / CVTF+4)
  • Ford CVT WSS-M2C-933-A (XT-7QCFT)
  • Ford (CVT23 / CVT30 / Mercon C)
  • Fujijyuuko I-CVTRF FG
  • GM/Saturn DEX-CVT
  • Honda Multimatic Fluid (HMMF)
  • Hyundai / Kia CVT
  • Nissan CVT (NS-1, NS-2)
  • Mercedes Benz CVT 236.20
  • Mini Cooper CVT (EZL 799, EZL 799A)
  • Mitsubishi CVTF-J1
  • Mitsubishi Diaqueen CVTF-J1
  • Nissan NS-2
  • Subaru Lineartronic CVT fluid
  • Suzuki (TC / NS-2 / CVT Green 1)
  • Toyota CVT Fluid TC
  • Volvo CVT 4959
  • VW CVT (TL 521 80, G 052180 A2)