VAPRO ATF D III High Performance Automatic transmission oil specially developed for
new (after 1997) but also older (automatic) transmissions of GM and Ford, as well as
many other Cars and Light Motor vehicle manufacturers. It is also suitable for power
steering, some hydraulic systems and rotating air compressors where an extremely
good fluidity demanded at low temperatures. It has a very high viscosity index and
offers resistance against corrosion and foam building. It has also very good anti –
oxidation and anti-wear characteristics. This Oil allows easy shifting of gears after a
cold start and does not affect seals.

ApplicationPerformance Features and BenefitsSpecification & Approvals

• Automatic transmission for new (after 1997) but also older (automatic)
transmissions of GM and Ford, as well as many other transmissions, power
steering, hydraulic systems & torque converters.
• Suitable for use in transmissions of trucks, buses and public works machineries
when a fluid type ALLISON C-4 is required.
• Hydraulic systems when a fluid type GM DEXRON®- III is required.


Excellent Resistance for Oxidation and Wear
VAPRO ATF D III has high viscosity index and offers excellent resistance against
corrosion and foam. VAPRO ATF D 3 shows excellent resistance against corrosion,
foaming and oxidation as well as wear.

Easy Gear Shifting
VAPRO ATF D III allows easy Gear shifting after cold start and offers overall smooth
operation too.

Fulfils toughest demands
The DEXRON III G specification differs from DEXRON III F by adding two extra tests such
as electronically controlled converter clutch (ECCC) test and a “sprag wear test”. The
friction characteristics of VAPRO’S- Premium ATF D III comply to the most modern
demands in a very broad temperature range.

  • GM : DEXRON III (F and G)
  • Allison: C-4
  • Ford : MERCON
  • Daimler Chrysler 236.1/5/9
  • Voith G 607/H55.6335.34
  • ZF TE ML 03D/04D/09B/11A/14B/17C
  • MAN 339F/MAN 339 V1 and 339 Z1
  • DEXRON ll-E, ll-D,B AQ-ATF type A
  • MERCON M2C 138-CJ. MSC 166-H
  • Caterpillar TO-2
  • Renk Doromat
  • Volvo 97335-12