VAPRO ATF MB-9K is a premium automatic transmission fluid based on an advanced synthetic technology allowing very high performance needed for the demanding requirements of passenger cars automatic gearboxes.This Lubricant can be used in a broad range of automatic transmission standards (Asian, European and American). It’s particularly suitable for 4 and 5 speeds automatic transmissions. VAPRO ATF MB-9K provides outstanding oxidation and thermal stability resulting in lower deposit andharmful acidic by-product formation. Further, it helps to improve overall transmission
durability and cleanliness.

ApplicationPerformance Features and BenefitsSpecification & Approvals
  • Suitable for passenger car automatic gearboxes
  • Suitable for broad range of automatic transmission standards (Asian, European and American ) and suitable for 4 and 5 speeds automatic transmissions
  • Excellent friction and anti-shudder performances: VAPRO ATF MB-9K has been formulated with selected viscosity modifiers which provide excellent friction characteristics. These improve the driver’s comfort with smooth and efficient shifting without a shudder.
  • Excellent viscosity stability in operation: VAPRO ATF MB-9K has been properly formulated to remain shear stable over time providing an extended lifetime of the fluid.
  • Excellent durability thanks to its high-quality base oils and additives.
  • Superior protection against wear, rust and corrosion
  • Very good thermal and oxidation stability
  • Foaming prevention

Aisin Warner AW-1,Bentley P/N PY112995PA,BMW/ MINI P/N 83 22 0 142516, 83 22
0 397114/ 163 514, 83 22 2152426,Chrysler/ Dodge/ Jeep P/N
05127382AA,68043742AA, 68157995AA,DSI H 6-Speed Transmissions (ATF

3292),Mercedes/ Daimler MB-Approval 236.12/14/15/41 ,Ford/ Lincoln/ MercuryXT-
10-QLV [LV], XT-6 -QSP or -DSP [SP] ,GM/ GMC/ Opel/ Saturn AW1, VI, P/N 88863400,

88863401,Honda/ Acura DW-1,Hyundai / Kia NWS-9638 T-5, P/N 040000C90SG, SP-
IV/SPH-IV,Jaguar Fluid 8432,JASO Class 1A, M315,Land Rover P/N TYK500050,

LR0022460,Maserati P/N 231603,Mazda FZ,Mitsubishi ATF-J3,Nissan Matic S,Porsche
P/N 000 043 304 00,Saab P/N 93 165 147 – AW-1 ,Toyota/ Lexus / Scion Type WS (JWS
3324),Volkswagen/ Audi G 052 533, G 055 005,G 055 540, G 055 162, G 060162,ZF 8-
speed ATs (8HP), M-1375.4 (6HP)