VAPRO ATF MZ-FZ is a fully synthetic ATF with low viscosity with special additives and
inhibition which guarantees a perfect function of the automatic transmission. VAPRO
TRANSYN ATF MZ-FZ is a Full Synthetic Low Viscosity ATF (Automatic Transmission
Fluid) especially for Mazda 6-Stroke transmission FW6A-EL und FW6AX-EL with
SKYACTIV Technology. It guarantees in any mode for maximum wear protection.

ApplicationPerformance Features and BenefitsSpecification & Approvals

VAPRO ATF MZ-FZ is for use in special automatic transmission of Mazda 6-Stroke transmission .

  • Very good lubricating ability even at low temperatures in winter
  • A high, stable viscosity index
  • Very good oxidation stability
  • Protection against corrosion and foam formation
  • Good balanced coefficient of friction
  • A high thermal and oxidative stability
  • An excellent cooling capacity.
  • Mazda ATF FZ, Mazda 0000-FZ-113E-01, Mazda 8300-77